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It should be a switch off of who texts or calls who. You should start off the conversation as much as he does so there is a balance and no one in the relationship is doing more calling than the other. If it's becoming too much, talk to him about it. Advice: If you like this guy, don't be afraid to show it. No guy wants to know everything about you on the first date. Challenge his viewpoints every now and again, in a friendly, non-confrontational way.Maybe this guy is just looking for a fun time, but you have given him signals that you want something more. He doesn't need to know your mom has been divorced three times, that your dog has a personality disorder and so on. Nothing will make him run faster than constantly picking a fight. Don't be afraid to disagree with him every now and then. It's hard to tell someone at the end of a nice evening that you enjoyed his or her company, but you don't feel a romantic connection.

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Now it’s a week later, your phone is vibrating and it’s him. How many of you have ever been in the situation where you know you shouldn’t call or text a guy back, but for some irrational and illogical reason, you go against your own sound judgment and do it anyway? Or maybe he’s disappeared on you for a few days and he’s suddenly come back.

A good discussion, good communication between two lovers, that's what makes a good relationship.

Maybe you leave him there for good, or maybe just for a night.

It's supposed to go both ways although, it's good for a man to initiate the talks of relationship in the beginning to show interest.

A relationship becomes one sided when one side does all the work.


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