Dating cool girl

She can spout football stats and talk smack while downing pitchers of crappy beer with her buds. Think about what you want and don’t want in a partner, set your standards, know your non-negotiables and stick to them.

And they're naturally the kind of women who every man is inexplicably drawn to, even if they don't look like a supermodel.

Here's a list of what "cool girls" DON'T do: Are you the kind of woman that men are naturally drawn to and want to be with for more than just a fling?

And do you get how to say all the right things verbally and non-verbally to let him instantly know that you're the kind of girl he'd like to connect and fall in love with?

She might not necessarily be the most physically attractive woman in the room, but there’s just something about her that men find irresistible.

Read this article to discover the qualities that make a man see you as the “cool girl” he just has to get to know.


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