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Embed a hairpin underneath the top area of the horse to make it look significantly more self important and fleecy.

High haircuts look flawless, shrewd and nearly marriage (in case you’re seeking after particular objectives going on Saturday dates).

Each episode covers a true life scary story, exposing the truths behind some of history’s scariest tales.

Note to Self — Manoush Zomorodi hosts this tech show which is all about being human in today’s increasingly digital world. If you didn’t, go listen immediately and then check out Undisclosed.

We love their genuine friendship and unique perspective on all the things.

Not only do we have a great time recording our own, we also listen to a bunch and thought we’d share our favorites from this past year.

Attempting on another haircut has a craving for beginning dating somebody.

You can like it or not in principle, but rather your sentiments in the end choose everything. Possibly you’ll be searching for a reason to run home ASAP to relax.

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She appeared as the goddess Athena in the fantasy film Immortals as well as contracted for Terrence Malick’s film Knight of Cups, in 2011.

In The Thick – Award winning journalists Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela host this important podcast, talking about race, identity and politics few people are discussing or want to discuss.

They bring on knowledgeable guests to talk about the hard stuff.

We know we recently published a blog post about our favorite podcasts, but our ears have been filled with so many good ones we’ve recently been introduced to, we had to follow up with a new list of incredible podcasts led by women of color. Their conversations are juxtaposed with short sets from their favorite comedians. Another Round — Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton’s podcast is basically ‘happy hour with friends you haven’t met yet.’ They cover everything from race, to gender, to pop culture, to squirrels, and more. Code Switch — Code Switch means shifting language/conversation/speech in order to fit in.

We are in love with them all and it was REALLY hard to choose a favorite episode from each, but we did it because we love 2 Dope Queens — Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams share personal stories on sex, dating, hair, work, and more.


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