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Since living in Ireland I have met countless Irish men and discovered many common character traits. I believe Irish men will cry only for things they really truly love or loved, for example my husband shed a tear one Christmas when I gave him a football album containing all tickets of football matches he ever attended.So here are 5 Irish Man Character Traits which can be both charming and frustrating! Staying with the football theme, at the end of the movie called “United”, which was based on the true story of the Munich plane crash in 1958, where members of the Manchester United squad tragically died, I also spotted Declan shedding some rare tears, something I have never seen him do after a movie.In addition to public mortification, here are five other reasons to love Irish men: They don't ask deep, introspective questions upon meeting. " asked the 40-something, cell-phone-clipped-to-chinos man who looked at me with no trace of irony. When the leader of the Western world came to Dublin, the Irish sardined the streets to see him. The most macho among them say the word "lovely" with some frequency.We were in the waiting room of a Northern California doctor's office. He's an Irish macho man and he (proudly) doesn't own an umbrella.I’m the romantic type, I love romance and blubber like a baby at the sight of true love.

Through Ireland Social, you will find it delightful to finally meet your great match, or notch your perfect date, whom you can celebrate the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival with. But what he doesn’t know is that this particular tea towel is a mockery of a tea towel, or any towel for that matter. “Noooo – not one,” I said, before grabbing another tea towel from the hot press and running off to the kitchen. The blue striped tea towel was clean, and fresh from the press.He catches it while sauntering off, which unfortunately, gives him the satisfaction of knowing I'm a little bit impressed by his wit. " with a slightly apologetic smile as I pointed to the medical form in my lap. Intensity's line of questioning was one that no Irish man would ask at first meeting. " (craic -- pronounced crack -- means something like fun, good times in Irish) or "What's the story? When my cousin Mike was 17, his mom would stop him at the door before he headed for a night out with his friends. This was Martin's masterstroke -- like Ireland's finest poets, he created a beautiful, idealized world.I have just been hit by the "Irish charm cannons," as my brother coined them. " And they ask these no-pressure questions indiscriminately. He signed off with a cheerful shout out to Bernie in Ballyhaunis on her 80th birthday.5 Irish Man Character Traits I have now been in a relationship with an Irish Man for almost seven years, married for four, and during those years I have laughed, cried and loved.


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