Dating on a budget

Five months after he'd taken office, President Barack Obama took his wife Michelle on the date to end all dates.

The First Couple flew into New York City on Air Force One, travelled to a Greenwich Village restaurant by motorcade, and then took in a Broadway play.

Namely, that satisfaction can be drawn from simple things.

And luckily, many of the simple things in life can be sought and discovered at a very low cost. And in the initial stages where you can’t quite call Friday your “Netflix and leftovers” night, you’re more likely to be spending on events and food. Here are some ideas and suggestion to woo your interest on a budget (without coming across as cheap): First of all – you don’t have to default to the classics in order to partake in the dating culture. You wouldn’t consider a few hours spent working at a cubicle to be a great date (at least, it’s probably not one that would get you that second date). If you’re looking for some ideas, look no farther than shuffling through some of the things that made you happy as a kid. You don’t even need to go to the grocery store, just pack up some snacks from your pantry or your fridge, put blanket on the grass and BOOM. Bring some lawn games or, if you’re like me, a Shakespeare scene to rehearse.

That was my answer to the question, “How do you spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

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starting out with something fun can really set the tone. Picnic-ing Picnics have a lot of great things going for them. It also takes off some of the pressure of sitting and staring at one another.Whether it’s your first outing together or a milestone anniversary, date nights can be hard on your budget.With a few easy tips, you can save money and make your time together memorable.Adam and Eve fanned the flames of their budding romance by wandering around and picking fruit.Anybody can hemorrhage money, but it takes a special kind of cunning to pull off a good date on the cheap. The guy with deep pockets or the guy who can turn a bill into a night out?They watched a movie, took a sightseeing walk around Chicago, and capped the evening off with a pair of ice cream cones [source: Obama].


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